Welcome Face Terre & Mer Moisturise . Nourish Eye Contour Cream with Organic Olive Leaf
Moisturise . Nourish

Eye Contour Cream with Organic Olive Leaf

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For whom?

For anyone wishing to take care of their eye contour area with a high-tolerance, multi-purpose product.


This rich and creamy formula gives a “rejuvenating boost” to your eye area. Codium fragile, a source of youth, and Organic Olive Leaf extract combine with decongesting Organic Mallow and Organic Cornflower extracts, and with regenerating Organic Ivy and drainage-enhancing Organic Red Vine extracts.

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15 ml

Terre et Mer Organic Facial

A relaxing ritual, the Terre & Mer Organic Facial gives your skin unrivalled softness. Combining marine ingredients with Mediterranean plants, the three-step treatment begins with a welcoming back massage using Organic Lavender Oil, the scent of which will whisk you away to the lavender fields of Provence. Next the skin is cleansed with marine products featuring Organic Orange Blossom, and exfoliated with a scrub containing Organic Almond Shell and Algae. Organic Concentrates are applied to treat the skin, for either a soothing or anti-ageing effect, followed by a relaxing facial massage. Finally, a double mask is applied and, to finish, the day cream best suited to your skin type, based on Organic Olive Leaf.
Your skin is perfectly nourished and naturally radiant!

Daily care. Gently smooth onto the skin around the eyes, working from the inner corners of the eyes towards the temples; use a few circular motions on crow’s feet.

Aloe Vera Extract

- Encourages cell regeneration, protects skin from external assaults

Organic Red Vine Extract

Encourages natural drainage

Organic Cornflower and Organic Mallow Extracts


Codium fragile (green algae)

- Remineralises, regenerates,
anti-free radical

Organic Olive Leaf Extract

Protects, purifies.

Visible signs of fatigue and dehydration appear diminished; the eyes look more youthful.

e;s à partir d’ingrédients Biologique / Made using Organic Ingredients


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