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For whom?

Overexertion, loss of energy, lack of vitality,
reduced strength during a diet… These can all be the
results of a body imbalance.


Studied for over a century for its regenerating and rebalancing properties, marine plasma is physically, physiologically and chemically identical to our internal organism, and an essential support for cellular life.
L’OCÉANE, 100% natural marine plasma, provides the body with all the vital energy of the sea.

Vitality & Hydration

Food Supplements


20 bulb

1 to 2 ampoules per day taken preferably before a meal. Keep the marine fluid in the mouth for a few seconds before swallowing. L’OCEANE can be diluted in a little water to make it easier to swallow.

With hypertonic living seawater

Hypertonic seawater, collected in the pure water of protected and controlled areas and packaged without undergoing high-temperature treatments or
ionising radiation.




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