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THALGO : A 50-year beauty Revolution, 12 exclusive active ingredients, including 7 patents registered, to give incredibly effective products !

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Marine micro-organisms, algae and marine salts are bursting with trace elements and micronutrients essential for our metabolism.
Dissolved in seawater, the 60 minerals and trace elements essential for good cell function become totally bioavailable for the human body, facilitating their absorption and effectiveness. The work of Professors Guelfi and Dubarry has demonstrated that marine ions penetrate the skin barrier after just 15 minutes' marine immersion!

Active ingredients of marine origin present a remarkable osmosis and bio-affinity with our cells, giving them unequalled regenerating properties.



"A 50-year Beauty Revolution, 12 exclusive active ingredients, 7 patents registered"



A revolutionary discovery : the micronisation of algae

In 1966, André Bouclet developed a unique and revolutionary method: the micronisation of algae. This is an exclusive and innovative method that ruptures the algae cell walls to release their contents, while preserving their active ingredients. The extreme fineness of the algae powder obtained (a few dozen microns) encourages penetration and assimilation by the skin during hot baths or wraps using these Micronised Algae.

The same year, he filed a medical patent for a combination of three Micronised Algae, whose active molecules revealed remarkable therapeutic and cosmetic powers. These algae were chosen for their exceptionally high mineral content: Laminaria, Fucus (brown algae rich in zinc, copper and manganese) and Lithothamnion (red algae naturally rich in calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron and iodine).

Since this time, numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the remarkable properties of our Micronised Algae. THALGO Micronised Algae's composition and manufacturing method, developed by André Bouclet in 1966, are still used unchanged today in the composition of our products.




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