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Marine Energy

"The sea washes away
all the ills of men "

Euripide - 420 BC

In the ocean depths, marine extracts concentrate active ingredients, minerals and trace elements, up to 10,000 times more than terrestrial plants. Thanks to their biomimicry, these marine molecules have a bio-affinity with skin and are particularly well assimilated. At the seaside, the concentration of oxygen in the air is greater and negative ion levels are up to 1,600 times higher than in cities, which promotes a feeling of well-being. The sea has always been a source of vital energy for humans, which can regenerate you both physically and mentally.

Just like the sea revitalises body and mind, Thalgo has always combined efficacy and well-being.

Marine Beauty

Thalgo infuses this marine energy into beauty products, nutritional supplements and protocols that revitalise body and mind.

You glow with renewed beauty:

Luminous, dynamic, sunny.

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