Relaxing Massage With Warm Sand Pouches


Relaxing Massage With Warm Sand Pouches

Relaxing Massage
Polynesian inspiration

Description :

This traditional Polynesian-inspired massage invites you to enjoy a special, highly sensory moment. In a few seconds, all of the senses are engaged by the smooth and enchanting notes of frangipani blossom, the sound of the surf, and the gentle rocking of the body in time with the waves. Slow and powerful manoeuvres performed by the hands, forearms and pouches of hot sand provide a feeling of relaxation and total escape.

Also available as a complete Ritual: Polynesia Spa Ritual.

For whom?

For all those who are stressed and in need of a break from the everyday.

Timing :

1 hour

Results :

• Sensory getaway
• Pure relaxation