The SeaCleaners

Plastic pollution endangers the oceans

The sea has always been a source of vital energy for humans.

Thanks to the presence of marine plants, the ocean releases more oxygen into the atmosphere than all the world’s forests.

But aquatic pollution is suffocating this ecosystem, with 80% of it coming from land.

Today, there is one piece of plastic waste for five fish.

If we do not act, in 30 years there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans!

THALGO supports The SeaCleaners

THALGO was born from the Oceans and has always put a lot into protecting the environment and the seabed.

In 2021, THALGO is continuing to take action for the oceans, by joining THE SEACLEANERS NGO, set up by Yvan Bourgnon.

The yachtsman discovered the world of the sea when he was 8, when he went on his first tour of the world with his brother and parents, which lasted three years.

“At the time, there wasn't all this waste. Thirty-five years later, I sailed through a sea of plastic for two months”

When he got back to land, he decided to create THE SEACLEANERS NGO and design the Manta, a giant depolluting catamaran set to sail the world’s oceans from 2024 that are suffocating the most with plastic pollution.

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The MANTA Project

The MANTA project to clean up the oceans

The Manta, a sea giant with exceptional measurements, is the 1st depolluting, cleaning and recycling boat, with a minimum environmental footprint. It has a pioneering onboard factory for cleaning up the oceans in the world that are the most exposed to plastic pollution.

Its launch is planned for 2024.

Two multipurpose boats – Mobula – will be built into the back of the Manta to supplement the Manta’s collection capacity.

They will enable macrowaste, microwaste and hydrocarbon to be collected in narrower, less deep and less easy to access spaces, where manoeuvrability is limited. The first one will be launched in the 1st half of 2021.

THALGO & THE SEACLEANERS mobilize together

Today, THALGO is mobilizing alongside the association THE SEACLEANERS to clean up the oceans and reduce plastic waste, by acting at 3 levels:

The Manta boat project will collect and recycle plastic macro-waste, before it sinks.

Under the aegis of THE SEACLEANERS, THALGO will increase collection operations to act upstream of ocean pollution.


THALGO & THE SEACLEANERS are mobilizing, with the general public, to change daily habits and reduce plastic waste.